I am getting soft…

NO not soft around the middle…BUT…

-I am putting milk in my coffee. actually started doing this when I became pregnant with Leo. went from straight up black to vanilla soy milk and brown suga. mmmhmm
-I am waking up between 6 and 7am! opposed to my routine shooting out of bed between 4 and 5am ready to go. and I wake up every morning to a little boy who wraps his arm around my head and sighs…MAAAMAA
-I am taking days off training…at least every 2 weeks. and I am actually taking them.
-I am resting at the wall between swim sets. opposed to touch at the end of the set and on with the next.
-I am strolling and enjoying it and smelling the roses. opposed to speed walking and not noticing anything in my path. toddlers…they will slow you down.
-and I have stopped taking my self so seriously.

KIDS…they’ll make ya soft. when I am with Leo and Chloe I am the best version of myself. I can be exactly who I want with no judgement…only with more love than I can say.

They all said my life would change when Leo was born. and they seemed to be warning me that we would not be able to do all of our training, spend time together. well things have changed…and I am happier than I ever imagined I could be.


BFFs and cousins...Anna and Chloe

BFFs and cousins…Anna and Chloe


Age: 3 in June
Weight: ~34 pounds
I like: play doh, watching people play with toys and opening eggs on YouTube, EGGS
I dislike: going to bed
Favorite Food: pineapple/ham pizza…although I don’t like pineapples I just like to pick them off and give them to Daddy
Milestones: I was potty-trained in January. piece of cake.
Best Moments: Easter and painting EGGS every weekend with Mommy
I am looking forward to: June 17! I will be 3! PRESENTS!!!


Age: almost 19 months
Weight: ~24 pounds
I like: chocolate and giggling and giving kisses
I love: DADDY
I dislike: I eat most everything, even non-edible stuff
Favorite Food: chocolate
Milestones: I can say my ABCs…I sing myself to sleep most of the time.
Best Moments: getting really dirty and keeping up with E-O at our newly discovered favorite playground in Beverley Hills
I am looking forward to: being able to hold my own with my big brother E-O…I am getting close.

How to Train Your Engine (while carrying extra baggage)

or better yet…How to train/race as a triathlete (while raising children…wee young children)…

This method is not for the weak. We must want to SMASH IT, CRUSH DREAMS, ENTER THE PAIN CAVE…your suitcase of courage must be fully stuffed. NO sally sissies allowed.

We must follow this simple procedure:

1st) the mindset: weariness (or lack of sleep) with no rationalizing.

no pouting

no pouting

We are tired, but we do not need as much sleep as we think we do. Don’t think about getting on your bike…just get ON IT and you will see. Use this as time where you do not need to think.

2nd) the technique: solitude and flexibility.

Being able to foresee a chance to train and get on it ASAP. no second guessing just go. no need for others. but what do we do? Having a coach is huge, an awesome coach even huger (thanks Alyssa Godesky!). when the time presents itself SMASH the workout.

3rd) the outlook: we must embrace this as a challenge.

Feeling the reward of doing it all on a daily basis is extremely gratifying and rewarding!

and last but not least and possibly most importantly 4th) the support: a husband, friend, relative to cheer us on, work with us.

All this being said…

I was driving to get the kids at daycare the other day and it dawned on me….the only times when I am truly completely HAPPY, enjoying life, feeling the best version of me, not looking for whats next…is when I am with Leo and Chloe. Those kids give me so much life. Not sure where that leaves us?!

Off to Tucson for my first real training camp with Team HPB. yes, I am freaking…leaving the kids for 6 nights (and have not even really though about what I am in for with training camp?!) stay tuned to katiedavison.net for updates on the SMASHFEST…